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Shepparton access equipment

Access equipment hire for Bendigo construction projects

June 30, 2020

LTS Forklifts provides our clients with a range of high-quality access equipment for hire in Bendigo. As the region continues to grow, as do the amount and scale of the construction projects being completed throughout the region. The main two brands of access equipment that LTS Forklifts provide to our clients are Snorkel and Haulotte,…

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Shepparton access equipment

Long-term EWP rental for Bendigo construction projects

April 6, 2020

At LTS Forklifts we understand that often construction projects take longer than expected, which is why we support local businesses with long-term EWP rental options in Bendigo that allow you to use our state-of-the-art equipment for the entire duration of your project. Whether you a need scissor lift, articulated boom or vertical mast, we have…

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terrain access equipment in Wagga Wagga, Albury, Shepparton, Echuca and Bendigo

How to know which EWP to use for your Wagga Wagga project

March 31, 2020

LTS Forklifts supplies a large range of EWP’s (elevated work platform) in Wagga Wagga for a range of different projects. When choosing which EWP you should use for your project, there are many things to consider, however, two things that should always be a focus is safety and practicality. You want to ensure that everyone…

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Haulotte access equipment for Wagga Wagga clients

October 20, 2019

For quality access equipment Wagga Wagga clients will be impressed by the Haulotte range on offer at LTS Forklifts. Access equipment is a vital part of working operations for many businesses today. It allows you to complete large and more complex projects swiftly, efficiently and safely. And that makes it a real asset to your…

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Innovative new forklifts for Wagga Wagga businesses

August 30, 2019

With the help of new forklifts Wagga Wagga businesses can reap the rewards that come with innovation. Gone are the days when forklifts were used purely to move stock from one place to another. Thanks to modern models and clever attachments, businesses can now use forklifts for a range of applications. These trusty workhorses boost…

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Get the most out of your forklift with our accessories in Bendigo

July 26, 2019

To get the most out of your forklift, you need to have the right accessories. With careful selection, quality forklift accessories in Bendigo can help lift your business to the next level. Whether you want to increase safety levels, lift more, boost efficiency or move tricky objects, LTS Forklifts make it easier for you to…

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The access equipment lifting Albury businesses to new heights

May 24, 2019

When it comes to access equipment in Albury, it’s time to turn to the high achievers in industry leader Haulotte’s range. And our friendly crew at LTS Forklifts has you covered. We have a large selection of Haulotte access equipment from scissor lifts to articulated booms, giving you a cost-effective solution to your next project….

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How to keep your forklift in premium condition with the Bendigo forklift servicing experts

March 30, 2019

Like any piece of machinery, whether it’s one forklift or a whole fleet, a forklifts are a significant investment for any business. Therefore it’s important that you focus on keeping your forklift in the best condition possible to ensure it can continue to serve your business for now and the future. Our team at LTS…

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Take your productivity to the next level with our forklift hire service in Albury

February 22, 2019

LTS Forklifts have a variety of high-quality forklifts to help your business get that all important project done in 2019. We provide forklift hire in Albury for businesses both big and small, whether you temporarily need one or two forklifts for a project or are expanding your fleet, we can help. There is no need…

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Forklift hire with blued LED light in Victoria

The custom forklift hire service keeping businesses safe and productive

January 25, 2019

At LTS Forklifts we employ the latest technology to ensure that your forklifts are as safe and effective as possible. Our latest addition to our forklifts for hire is the blue LED safety warning light   that is attached to the forklift and shines in the direction of travel. This light shines a distance in front…

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